The only fee that Rand's Auto Sales collects is the Dealer Document Fee of $289.  All other fees are state mandated.


What is the out-the-door price?


If you live in Utah


+/- $50 depending on the year of the car


If you live outside of Utah


The oil change is optional but recommended


Here are some items that can be added on to the purchase:

  • Service Contract - Starting at $999 for 5 additional years of bumper-to-bumper coverage. 
  • Gap Insurance - $300 to $450 for the life of the car loan
  • Tint - $150
  • Backup Camera - $300
  • DVD Player - $500 to $800 depending on screen size and headsets
  • Heated Seats - $450
  • Leather - $1100 to $1500 depending on size of car 
  • Tires - $200 to $500
  • Tow Package - $250 to $350 depending on wiring
  • Extra keys - $25 to $200
  • Delivery to your address - $0.55 per mile,  $100 minimum


All add-ons, with the exception of gap insurance, are taxabale if you are a Utah resident.  


How does my trade affect my out-the-door price?


If you wish to trade in your car, we will credit you the fair market value of your car towards the car you are buying.  In addition, you could save a significant amount of sales tax because you only pay tax on the DIFFERENCE between the sales price and the trade-in allowance.  


If you owe money on your car, Rand's Auto Sales will roll that amount into the loan and pay the car off for you.     


What is my monthly payment?


A good rule of thumb to calculate monthly payments is to take the amount that you wish to finance and divide it by 54 for the 60 month loan or divide it by 65 for a 72 month loan.  This will get you within +/- $10 of the monthly payment (depending on your credit score).  



If your credit score is below 680 these calculations will not work, please call us to figure out your unique situation.  


Please note that if you live outside of Utah we can usually get you financed.  Our credit unions also have branches in Idaho, Nevada, and Arizona.  Even if you live in a state not listed, we can usually find a way to get you qualified for financing.



Does Rands Auto Sales give discounts?


Yes, on occassion.  It doesn't hurt to ask.  Our average profit on each car is $600 so there's not going to be a massive shift.  If you finance with us through a local credit union like America First Credit Union, we are more likely to give you a discount.  



How do I pay?



We accept cashiers checks, personal checks (for Utah buyers), and cash.   If you are an out-of-state buyer, personal checks are not accepted.  Credit cards are only accepted to put a car on hold (up to $300).

If you plan to finance the car, you don't need to get pre-approved for a loan before you come in.  We are linked directly with all the major credit unions in Utah and we will be your advocate in getting you the very lowest interest rate possible.